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Do you know what your competitors are doing? We do!

e-shoptimizer is a Danishly engineered software platform offering webshops the easiest way to automatically monitor their competitors. We want to optimize the way you work by offering the tool you need: e-shoptimizer. Our number one goal is to make competitor monitoring as easy as possible while minimizing the time required to monitor products. This allows you to spend your valuable time elsewhere in your business!


The Key to a Competitive Market Position

Right pricing at the right time

Proper, well-timed pricing plays an important role in becoming a successful online business. e-shoptimizer tracks the prices of your competitors to help you enhance your pricing strategy.

Competitive product selection

Selling the right products is just as important as your product prices. e-shoptimizer shows you what your competitors are selling. This allows you to optimize your product selection, stay competitive and satisfy your customers.

Saving time

It is a very time-consuming task to manually track and monitor your competitors. Luckily, we automatically collect all the highly relevant data so you can save time and focus on being on top of the market.

e-shoptimizer in few steps

How it works
and what we can do for you


It is very easy to get started.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. Before we start collecting data, Eddie, our competitor monitoring eagle, just needs to know who your competitors are.
All you have to do is write the competitor's name and their domain and you are good to go.


We handle the heavy processes while you focus on your business.

Eddie is constantly monitoring what your competitors are doing. But do not worry - he loves doing so!
Once Eddie finds new competitor products, the product matching process begins. We utilize the latest advances within machine intelligence to boost your business and help you track your competitors automatically.


Make smarter choices.

Highly relevant competitor data is priceless in the e-commerce world.
Once every 24 hours, you are provided with fresh competitor data. If you want more recent updates, you can use the star functionality which allows you to get updates every 2 hours - that is up to 12 times per day!


The right products, with the right price, at the right time.

We do more than just match your products! We know that to become a successful online business, you need to do more than have the right prices - you also need the right products. Unlike other systems, we also show you what products your competitors are selling which you do not have in stock. This can be valuable information that can boost your business.

Hit the bullseye

Utilize the advantages that big data in eCommerce provides.

You already know how important a good merchandising and pricing strategy is for retaining consumer interest for your products. With our competitor monitoring platform, it is no hassle to constantly place your products within the bullseye.
With our platform, you can change all your product prices and upload them to your webshop with just a few clicks.

Be a market winner

Outsmart your competitors and attract more customers.

With e-shoptimizer, you are always just seconds away from countering your competitors' moves. How you utilize all this new information is up to you, but to help you along, our dashboard gives you the option to use quick filters that make it easy to spot products that are subject to price increase or price reduction. Now you can always stay on top of the market while saving lots of valuable time!

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