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If you have a Magento webshop, you'll want to see this. Our vision is to help you make your life easier! We are focused on optimizing the way you work by offering the tool you need: e-Shoptimizer. Sounds interesting? Read on.

Product Matching

We automatically match the products in your webshop with your competitors' products. All you have to do is tell us who your competitors are.

Competitor Crawling

We automatically scrape your chosen competitors' products and provide you with relevant data from your competitors. That way, you always know whether your products are appropriately priced and competitive.

Optimized Workflow

Do you ever wonder how many products you need to adjust prices on? And which products? Our application offers you an easy way to determine whether to increase or decrease your product prices. With a single click, we show you all the relevant products you need to take care of.

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Choose the plan that fits your needs


DKK 499

per month

2 Competitors

10 Starred Products

100 Products


DKK 899

per month

5 Competitors

50 Starred Products

1000 Products


DKK 1199

per month

10 Competitors

150 Starred Products

5000 Products


DKK 1499

per month

´╗┐Only DKK 599 for 4 months!

15 Competitors

300 Starred Products

10000 Products



None of the plans fits your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page

Meet our team

Jonathan Hansen

Jonathan Hansen


Full Stack Developer - Web Master & Market Analyst

Morten Jensen

Morten Jensen


Fronted & Machine Learning Developer - Marketing

Thomas Thomsen

Thomas Thomsen


Backend & DevOps Developer - Communications & Administration

Andreea Sabau

Andreea Sabau

Marketing Intern

Market Research & Social Media Administration

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